New Cheshire Wealth Manager: Importing Accounts and Positions from Morningstar Office

New Cheshire Wealth Manager supports integrations with a number of providers, including Morningstar Office. Morningstar Office provides a number of different options for exporting data. To export a client's account/positions data so that it can be imported into New Cheshire Wealth Manager, simply go to the Tools menu at the top of Morningstar Office, scroll down to Export and click on Account Positions. Like in the following image

Export Account/Positions

Once you have exported that file from MorningStar Office, you can then import it into New Cheshire Wealth Manager as show in the following images.




Download the Instructions for importing Account/Positions from Morningstar Office as a PDF file for easy viewing and printing.

Importing Account/Positions from Morningstar Office

In order to view these instructions, you much have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer.

Please visit Adobe Acrobat to download a free version of the software.