Cheshire Wealth Manager Networking Instructions for Version 2014-A5

The Cheshire Wealth Manager is a client-server application. This means that the database can be installed on one computer and any other computer on the network can access it, provided they have a license from Cheshire to do so. If the database will be installed on a central server computer, you do not need to purchase a separate license for that computer.

First, Install the Database

For a database on a separate computer (server installation)

For a database on a computer that will also be used to run Cheshire Wealth Manager (full installation)

Then, Add Networked Computers

Install the software on each computer that will run Cheshire Wealth Manager

Have each computer point to the database

Add User/Computer Information to Database

For an Assistant License

For a Full License

Download the networking instructions as a PDF file for easy viewing and printing.

Cheshire Networking Instructions

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